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The Technological Education program here at Thousand Islands Secondary School offers students unique opportunities for valuable "hands on" broad based experience in many activities that are not offered in our elementary schools. Woodworking, auto mechanics, culinary arts, crafts, welding, and design technology are only a few of the many activities that grade 9 students are able to participate in when they enroll in one of the four technological education courses offered.

Many students take advantage of the variety of programs TISS has made available to them. This includes not only Grade 9 students but the rest of the student body. Technological Education courses are offered at the open level.

Communication Technology includes a variety of interesting areas in technology: studies in Graphics, Electrical, Drafting, Video and Audio productions to name a few.

In Construction Technology courses, students will work on group and/or personal projects to develop basic skills and knowledge related to materials and processes associated with the construction industry. These projects will provide students with basic skills in reading plans and using tools found in the construction industry.

Transportation Technology courses include the study of automotive repair, and also other equipment like lawn, garden and recreational apparatus. Exploration of areas of individual interest are also encouraged.

Transportation and Communication
TTJ 10 - Students will use a combination of studies in transportation and electronics to complete projects such as electric model vehicles, robotic arms, D.C. motors, simulations of vehicle electrical systems and audio/video production. These projects will provide opportunities for students to:
- create, test and analyse electrical circuits
- explore transportation modes and alternative fuels (ie. battery/solar energy)
- generate computer drawings of mechanical / electrical components
- develop a wide range of technical skills (ie. soldering, blueprint reading, audio/video editing)
- develop theoretical and practical understanding of common vehicle electrical systems.

Hospitality, Health and Personal Services
TPJ 10 - Students will explore technology through a variety of projects as they relate to food and tourism, health care and fashionable grooming. Individual and team projects will provide opportunities for students to prepare and serve food, create patterns using computer technology as the design tool and develop techniques related to the food preparation. Computer projects may include graphic design, digital imaging, computer / machine interface and the exploration of software for food nutrition using the internet.

Design and Construction
TCJ 10 - The projects that this course draws upon to illustrate technical and computer concepts revolve around the tools and materials of the construction industry. Students will use the computer to design and draft, cost, and evaluate their projects. Traditional wood-working tools will be used to construct the projects. Students will select projects which will meet their individual abilities and interests. These projects might include jewellery boxes, catapults, and clocks.

Integrated Science Studies
STE 10 - Students will understand and apply scientific theory by designing and building projects using specialized equipment and techniques. Computer applications and internet resources will be used for research, data analysis and the presentation of solutions to practical everyday problems. Sample topics to be studied include: building telescopes and kaleidoscopes; food testing and classifying; hydroponics; chromatography; product marketing and colors; Greenhouse Effect; concept maps; levers; materials testing theory, which will be applied to model bridge building or platform house framing; and theories of forces relating to the manufacture of rockets or airplanes.

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